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    Our Framework

    The Cornerstone Literacy Framework is a comprehensive, research-based guide that defines the essential elements of literacy learning, ensures depth and focus on what matters most for children’s learning, assumes high levels of intellectual development for all children, is designed to accommodate state standards, and helps teachers focus on content most crucial to their students’ literacy learning.

    The framework is grounded in the Interactive Model of Reading, which recognizes that effective reading instruction requires a focus on overall language skills related to letter and letter-sound knowledge, the syntax of language, and building a lexicon of words (surface structure cueing systems) and background knowledge, vocabulary, and sharing and applying meaning (deep structure cueing systems).

    In addition, the framework addresses the following:

    • Teaching Intentions or the objectives on which teachers will focus
    • Learning Outcomes, which define students' learning outcomes in language familiar to them
    • Research that connects the Cornerstone Literacy Framework to literacy theory
    • Exemplary lessons developed by participating teachers and coaches
    • The comments/reflections of Cornerstone Literacy teachers about their practice, as well as suggestions for colleagues at participating schools