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    Who We Are


    For over 12 years, Cornerstone Literacy, Inc. (CLI) has worked to improve literacy and critical-thinking skills for students in high-poverty communities. Initially founded as a national literacy initiative of the New York Institute for Special Education, CLI has worked with more than 100 schools in 14 districts, providing embedded professional development aimed at increasing the number of highly effective teachers and helping schools create a culture where teachers can be successful and students have the opportunity to learn, develop, and achieve at high levels. Our mission: to eliminate illiteracy among children in high-poverty communities.

    "To read, to write, to think critically, to reason, analyze and evaluate information, to inquire systematically into any important matter. That is literacy, and literacy is critical to full participation in a democratic society." — Cornerstone Literacy 

    What makes us distinctive?

    The answer is HELIOS, an operating system that helps schools organize and manage the myriad of programs, initiatives, and mandates they face while maintaining a constant focus on what matters most—the interrelated and critical work of improving instructional practices, supporting adult professional learning, and creating conditions in classrooms and schools that are responsive to the needs of students. 

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