ArgoTrade Review – Trade CFDs on stocks and other markets with optimal conditions

What is ArgoTrade?

First and foremost, it is important to state that ArgoTrade is a regulated CFD brokerage. Although most of their trading benefits are common in the industry, they also offer some perks that you can’t find anywhere else, like access to more markets and features, even with limited funding. That’s why we decided that we must review this intriguing trading brand.

CFD trading remains the best choice for taking advantage of short-term price movements, since costs are affordable and execution accurate. With that being the case, let’s see why ArgoTrade should catch your attention.

ArgoTrade CFD coverage

Starting with the asset index, ArgoTrade does not hold a narrow vision in this sense like other brokers. Instead, it constantly expands the coverage and is in a position to grant access to 2,100+ CFDs. You can invest in stocks, and the list goes beyond shares, to include currencies, indices, ETFs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and even bonds.


This makes ArgoTrade a brand for the wider public, as each trader is free to choose the best assets for them. The broker shows a proactive approach thus far, and is constantly introducing new assets and opportunities.

Backed by trusted software

WebTrader is the platform that is offered by ArgoTrade. This is a proprietary solution providing access to ultimate trading tools, via a user-friendly interface. On top of the technical/fundamental analysis resources, traders using this WebTrader have access to Trading Central. Embedded into the platform, it offers more insights into top assets, helping you make better decisions.

MetaTrader 4, also available with ArgoTrade, makes the offer more diverse and suited for those who are already accustomed to using software designed by MetaQuotes. There is no question whether MT4 is reliable, because this platform has been around for a very long time.

Notable trading features

Opening an account with ArgoTrade is a straightforward process. The minimum deposit required for a Micro account is $100. Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Exclusive are other account types you can choose from, but the main point is that the broker put an emphasis on affordability.


All customers benefit from daily market analysis provided in the morning, 24-hour customer support, access to the Events & Trade feature, and more. Keep in mind that in order to gain access to Trading Central, you must hold at least a Gold account.

Larger account holders are rewarded with premium daily analysis and customer support. The dedicated account manager is available for all traders, except for Micro account holders.


Final thoughts

The trading conditions provided by ArgoTrade are in line with what the modern trader requires. Broad market access, advanced trading software, efficient trading tools, and fast customers are a few to name. You can also trade with no worries, considering the broker is regulated, which creates a high level of security for your hard-earned money. ArgoTrade wants to inspire more people to trade, and it does so by offering a very intuitive trading infrastructure.

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