How Global CTB Understands Its Traders Like No Other

Global CTB

Don’t you just wish you could sign up with an online broker that understood your needs from the get go? It is nearly impossible to find a platform like this because if you like a few things, you will definitely find some other things you don’t like. However, when you research enough, you can definitely get close to what you can call an ideal trading platform. I think I have and I want to tell you about it through this Global CTB review.

You should know right away that it is not a promotion. I just want to tell you the best features that I think I have not found in many other companies that provide similar trading services on the internet. Whether those features matter to you or not isn’t something I can decide. Let me just go ahead and give you all the details I know so you can make up your mind.

The Next-gen customer Support

I call it the next generation of customer support because I think customer services in the online trading world are still lacking behind in many respects. There are companies that try to go the extra mile by providing you with 24/7 customer support. However, that’s not good enough when the lines are always busy and you can never talk to anyone. If you notice the Global CTB website, it is available in many languages for your convenience. Secondly, you can contact the company in more ways than most brokers have available for their traders.

You can call the company, and when you do, you have five different phone numbers to pick from. Three email addresses mean that you can contact on the one that is closely relevant to your issue. Last but not least, the company also has the live chat feature on the website, which means you can get instant help from a representative as soon as you land on the website.

Registered Company with KYC and AML Adherence

If you have been worried about the safety of your money and information, you can rest assured that this firm is all about that. It will make you feel comfortable as a trader as soon as you join the platform. Firstly, you can be sure you are not signing up with an online scammer. Scammers are never registered, whereas Global CTB is registered with registration and licensing information available on the website for everyone to see. Furthermore, the company has proper encryption in place for the data of all of its traders.

You should be glad also for the fact that the company is adhering to the KYC and AML policies. These policies are designed to keep money laundering individuals and identify thieves away from the platform. The type of information required by the company keeps them away from creating an account.

Trading Education and Tools

Get your hands on all the trading tools and educational material that you think can help you with your trading career. You will get help in many forms. Firstly, you have the trading tools right on your platform so you can know the sentiment of traders in the market. You will also get daily news about the financial markets so you can stay on top of the ongoing trends. Price calculators, risk management tools, and many others are there for you to use. Of course, you also have many types of price and volume charts to help you with your technical analysis. Ebooks, videos, and webinars make up the major portion of online training that you can get for free when you sign up with Global CTB.

Final Thoughts

There is no much left to confirm when you know the company you are signing up with is providing you with trading education, trading tools, easy signups, a sense of security, and customer support that you can truly trust. Sometimes, I feel that Global CTB cares about its traders more than they care about themselves.

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