SBF Stated It Has No Connection To The “Wirefraud” App

SBF had negated being related to the “Wirefraud” organization hours before his arrest.

Before being detained on suspicion of wire fraud, Sam Bankman-Fried’s final tweet was a denial of his participation in a set conversation titled “Wirefraud”.

The reaction of the former CEO

Sam Bankman-Fried posted to Twitter just minutes before learning about his new accusations from the Bahamian government.

He tried to disprove any connections with the infamous chatting app and states to have no information about the “Wirefraud” application.

The latter was run by a shadowy organization that was used by the previous CEO of the infamous crypto trader and Alameda’s higher-up management. 

In a recent report, FTX co-founder Zixiao Wang, FTX engineer N. Singh, and former Alameda Chief executive officer C. Ellison were reportedly protected in a “Wirefraud” organization program on the application named Signal.

In response to an article from the Australian Financial Review, Bankman-Fried used Twitter to deny any connections with the fraud-making app or knowledge of the chat. 

The detailed info 

The AFR document claimed that the app was utilized to transmit confidential info about the crypto trader and its related company’s trading deals in the months leading up to their decline.

SBF, nevertheless, claimed on his official social media page that even if the organization app rumors were real, he was not connected to the app and that he was pretty certain it is simply misinformation.

Still, no matter the recent talks and Twitter posts, on December 1, however, the Bahamian government took him into custody. 

Senators S. Brown and Pat Toomey issued a joint statement with twelve composing arguments and issues.

J. Ray, the chief restructuring officer and CEO of FTX, claimed that Alameda’s finances had been connected to the FTX customers’ property in a published assertion provided before the new investigation report and the recent court hearing. 

According to Ray, the infamous crypto trader utilized consumer finances to take part in risky trading deals, which exposed consumer finances to significant losses – loss of the lost all the crypto assets.

That was really devastating to their financial state and the crypto industry in general.

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