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Have you ever fancied about becoming a global trader without even stepping out of your home? You can now achieve this dream by conducting online trading without the need to physically visit any trading house or meeting a financial expert in person.  You can gather all the required information to conduct online trading activities at the touch of a button from the comfort of your home. The first step is to sign-in with a reliable trading platform. Out of hundreds of trading platform available in the market, you will find Winbitx to be an efficient and transparent partner. In the following Winbitx review, I will explain the top three features of this trading platform for your benefit.

Compliance to AML and KYC Policies (Legal) 

Integrity, transparency and conducting legal transactions has been a corner stone policy of Winbitx ever since its establishment. As such, Winbitx has zero tolerance policy towards money laundering and terror financing. Winbitx totally complies with all laws and regulations of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and procedures issued by Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Winbitx  conducts inhouse audits to ensure that all the provisions are exercised and implemented in spirit. Additionally, Winbitx is in compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Financing of Terrorism (FT) regulations under The Money Laundering Regulations 2017 of UK and its counter-part European Joint Money Laundering Steering Group.

All clients, as part of its KYC policy, needs to provide personal, banking and transactional details at the time of sign-in with Winbitx. All these efforts are exercised to protect the financial interests of the customers and to prevent identity theft, embezzlement of funds and financial frauds.

Client Support

Winbitx offers top tier client support to its ever-growing list of clients. The website of Winbitx  is available in English, Turkish, Spanish, German and Italian languages. If you have any general query about any aspect of online trading such as opening a trading account or any report on current financial markets or a particular inquiry about your specific circumstances, you can always contact the client support at Winbitx.

To contact the multi-lingual Winbitx team, you can directly call them by phone, email them or send a message through their website. Irrespective of the communication channel you choose, be rest assured that you will receive a prompt, reliable and UpToDate reply from the Winbitx, team who are well versed, knowledgeable and highly skilled in all aspects of online trading.

Security Features 

The team at Winbitx  takes the safety of its software very seriously and as such has placed elaborate physical and digital shields to protect the same from cyber-criminals.

In order to protect the personal, banking and transactional data of its clients, Winbitx has invested heavily since its inception in funds, resources and time to guard its software from cyber-attacks. The confidential and sensitive data which every customer is obliged to provide at the time of opening a trading account with Winbitx is encoded through a 256-bit encryption which is considered to be the latest and most secure encryption method currently in use. As an added layer of safety, Winbitx also provides highest standards of fire walls to its client. It continuously upgrades its anti-virus software against ransomware & malware attacks and external phishing attempts. The Network Engineers at Winbitx encourages their clients to promptly report suspicious emails, scams, privacy breaches and hacking attempts, which they immediately investigate and resolve the issues and urgently send companywide alerts to all concerned parties. Winbitx has also developed safety protocols against the possibility of human errors and system malfunctions.

Winbitx has adopted a two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect trading accounts of clients from unauthorized access.

Wrapping it Up

In a nut shell, hundreds of satisfied global clients testify to the top tier services provided by Winbitx. If you have decided to become a smart trader, then make the smart choice of signing-in today with Winbitx  and enable yourself to gain financial freedom.

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