XchangeBTC – Giving New Traders an Easy Entryway into Crypto Trading


Does it often happen to you that you talk to someone about crypto trading and they tell you all sorts of scary things? If you believe what they say, you are keeping yourself from one of the best ways to invest in the world these days. People have already become millionaires trading digital coins, and you might be missing your chance to do so by not considering it. I am not saying that you are guaranteed to make that amount of money, but the possibility is there if you are ready to put in effort and time. This XchangeBTC review can make your start as a crypto trader quite easy.

Choose from Many Accounts

One of the worst things that can happen to you as an aspiring cryptocurrency trader is not being able to sign up with a company because of the shortage of money. Now, it is important understand here that having only a small amount of money is not wrong, but not all platforms allow you to start with that sum. The best ones pave the way for you to enter the market and show your trading skills, whereas the small platforms like to make money from you right from the beginning. Trading with XchangeBTC is not a problem at all because of the ease it offers you while signing up.

You won’t have to put everything at risk when you know you can choose from five different account types, namely VIP, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Mini. Mini is the smallest account and VIP is the one for professional traders. The fact that you can start with just 0.3 BTC by opening the mini account makes this company better than so many others out there.

Try Margin Loans and Leverages

The trading accounts offered by XchangeBTC are some of the most creatively and intelligently designed accounts from any online trading services provider. Now, if you look at the features of these accounts, you will notice that the trading conditions here are great. You can take advantage of a variety of options even if you sign up with just a basic or semi-advanced trading account. Firstly, you have the margin loans that are available to almost all the traders who sign up with XchangeBTC. For the starters who sign up with the mini account, it has been set at 25%.

If you go with the biggest account type, you can take advantage of 100% of margin loan. It is also important to mention here that you can use leverages on your trades too. The maximum leverage offered by the platform is 1:400. The lowest you can go on leverage is 1:200, which means the company is quite generous with its leverages. These are some huge leverages and that’s why I want you to be extra careful while using them if you are new to trading, especially cryptocurrency trading.

Customer Care and Support

The firm cares about you and your interest, and there are many indicators to prove that. Firstly, you have the customer support department available to answer your queries 24/6. This means there is only one day when the department is not available. Furthermore, you can get in touch with the company by calling them or simply emailing. The other way the company cares about you is by protecting your personal information through encryption.

Encryption means that your information gets converted into codes that can’t be understood by anyone. You can rest assured while giving out your personal information to the firm because it has proper encryption in place for every trader and their data.

Final Thoughts

If you keep looking for options, you might get distracted. Therefore, I would recommend that you narrow down your options as soon as you can. If this trading platform is on the list of companies you are considering signing up with, I am sure it will offer you comparatively more options. It offers some great training material to traders too.

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